Every foreigner can buy or sell property in Croatia. There is only one condition: the country from he comes should have an agreement signed with Republic of Croatia which regulate the process of buying and selling property (Republic of Poland entered into such an agreement).




The property could be bought by private person or corporate body. Private person or corporate body both can have right of property but the difference is in period and costs of getting it and opportunity of using the property as a commercial.


From February 2009 citizens of the European Union do not have to obtain a permission  from the Croatian Ministry of Justice to buy a property.


Costs of buying property by private person:

- Lawyer fees - 1 000 EUR (if the property value is less than 50,000 Euro) or 2 000 EUR (if the property value is more than 50,000 Euro) - lawyer prepares sale contract and supervise the process of buying property till property registration;

- Transfer fees - 3% value of the property;

- Real estate agency fees - 3% not less then 2000 €. Our office and our partner in Croatia make you sure that the process of buying property in Croatia will take a right course.


*Our guide will not cover all the legal and full financial information four your real estate purchase but should enable to get an idea of the financial involvement.

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