Every foreigner can buy and sell real estate in Croatia, provided that the country of origin has signed an agreement with the Republic of Croatia on mutual relations, regulating the process of buying and selling real estate. Poland has signed such an agreement with the Republic of Croatia.



Since February 2009, citizens of the European Union do not need to obtain a permit to buy real estate in the Republic of Croatia. Real estate can be purchased by a private or corporate.
A private person needs a passport or ID card and an OIB identification number to buy/sell real estate.
Property purchase costs:
- for the services of a lawyer's office, including notary costs and entry in the land and mortgage register: 1% of the transaction value, but not less than EUR 1,500. The office prepares a purchase and sale agreement and supervises the entire purchase process until it is entered in the land and mortgage registers;
- one-off property transfer tax: 3% of the transaction value (payable after calculation by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia and issuing a decision) * ;
- agency commission: 3% net + applicable VAT, not less than 2500 Euro.

*The above information does not cover all legal and financial aspects of real estate purchase, but is intended to give you general guidance on the process of purchasing real estate in Croatia.

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